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     The 2021 Maryland General Assembly session begins February 2, 2021.  Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the political landscape looks much different this year.  In past years your FOP has been able to lobby for criminal justice reform, citizens rights, and protecting your law enforcement officers.  

     This year, lobbying, public comment, and input from your FOP leaders, has been significantly restricted.  This precedence has allowed legislators to push an anti law enforcement agenda with little to no resistance.  This agenda includes:

* Defunding law enforcement in critical areas such as the School Resource Officer program

* Creating several criminal charges specific to law enforcement officers only

*Repealing the Law Enforcement Officer's Bill of Rights

* Lowering hiring standards 

     These proposed bills will negatively impact the level of service you receive from your law enforcement agency.  They will cause officers to leave the profession and deter quality applicants from applying.

Click this link to learn more, and to contact your representatives.

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